Getting Started with IDEALS (as a Group)

It is easy to set up space (or 'Community') in IDEALS for your scholarly or research unit whether formal (such as a department) or informal (such as a reading group).

  1. Contact IDEALS via email at ideal-gen@illinois[PLEASENOSPAM].edu or by phone at 217-244-3877 or 217-333-4648 to get started setting up a community. We can either set up a community over the phone or meet to discuss IDEALS in more detail.
  2. To ensure that the type of material you would like to include in your community meets the IDEALS criteria, review the:
  3. Email ideals-gen@illinois[PLEASENOSPAM].edu with the following information:
    • Basic information about the community, including name, requesting organization/unit, and a brief description of the type of material to be included
    • Name of the community liaison (the administrator for the community)
    • If you would like IDEALS staff to set up the structure of the community (in terms of sub-communities and collections), an outline of those
    • If you will want individuals or a group to have permissions to deposit into collections or to manage sub-communities and collections, the netIDs of those people (you can manage this task yourself as well). IDEALS staff can also use Active Directory groups to do this.
    • Any other special arrangements that you need such as access restrictions
  4. IDEALS staff will get back to you as quickly as possible!

If you are unsure, please contact us.

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