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This page is for topics relating to Digital Preservation as it has to do with the IDEALS Initiative.

Preservation Team


The standing group responsible for long term planning and monitoring of preservation issues for IDEALS. This will be led by the Preservation Librarian and would include at least one CITES member, the IDEALS Coordinator, and the IDEALS Service Manager. Responsible for monitoring the preservation policy and plan for the IDEALS initiative. Makes recommendations on the preservation strategies as well as the organizational and technical resources and infrastructure needed to meet the stated policy.

The Preservation Team meets every two weeks or as necessary. The meetings are generally held from 1-2 pm in 230B in the Main Library.


  • Tom Teper (lead)
  • Tim Donohue
  • Mike Grady
  • Joanne Kaczmarek
  • Sarah Shreeves
  • Melissa Woo


  • An assessment of the current state of digital preservation in the IR environment and what we need to do to meet minimal needs (as defined by the team).
  • An assessment of what formats (partially based on what DSpace 'recognizes') and materials we are committing to preserving for the long term.
  • A "stop-gap" preservation policy that is available to early adopters.
  • A statement of what level of digital preservation the IDEALS initiative is aiming for the end of the six year initiative. State as clearly as possible whether or not we're going to be aiming for compliance with the OAIS model (and, if so, at what level).
  • A plan of what steps, resources, and infrastructure need to be in place to meet these goals.
  • A preservation policy for the production IDEALS environment.

Trustworthy Repositories Audit Checklist

IDEALS seeks to develop a trustworthy repository as outlined in the Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist. Released as version 1.0 in February 2007, this checklist was developed by the RLG-NARA Task Force on Digital Repository Certification in order to identify digital repositories capable of reliably storing, migrating, and providing access to digital collections.

IDEALS Digital Preservation Policy

The IDEALS Digital Preservation Policy outlines the digital preservation policies that govern the production-level operations of the institutional repository.

IDEALS Format Support

  • IDEALS Digital Preservation Support Policy: This document describes the different "Categories" of digital preservation support we will be offering.
  • IDEALS Format Recommendations: Describes some basic format recommendations, based on the Format Support Policy.
  • IDEALS Digital Preservation Support - Format Matrix (Excel format): This is a companion document to the "IDEALS Digital Preservation Support Policy". It lists every file format we've analyzed and gives its corresponding digital preservation support Category. (We are still in the process of analyzing formats and determining which "category" each format will fall into)

  • Additional Notes:
    • Sarah had mentioned that we may want look at what Priscilla Caplan's group at FCLA is doing in terms of classifying formats. They have a list of "recommended formats" for each type of file (e.g. Text, Audio, Video, Image). In addition, they have a separate "Action Plan" for each version of each format they are accepting. These Action Plans describe whether each format is normalized, and if so, what happens to both the original and normalized files (in terms of short and long term preservation).
    • The Library of Congress Digital Preservation site has an extensive list of Format Descriptions, as well as Sustainability Factors
    • The Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR) has released a series of reports on their recommended usage of PREMIS data dictionary, their recommended list of supported formats, and a list of automated preservation metadata tools.

IDEALS Digital Preservation White Paper

The IDEALS Digital Preservation White Paper provides a roadmap for the implementation of a comprehensive digital preservation management program for IDEALS. Specifically, this paper:

  • Presents the current state of digital preservation for the pilot stage (through Spring 2007) of IDEALS;
  • Specifies the minimum requirements for the ongoing production-level service (Summer 2007 and forward);
  • Recommends that IDEALS pursues certification as a Trusted Digital Repository for endorsement by the IDEALS Working Group and Steering Committee; and
  • Identifies the next steps for moving towards compliance as a Trusted Digital Repository.

IDEALS Preservation Metadata

Information about Preservation Metadata for IDEALS.

IDEALS Preservation FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Digital Preservation in IDEALS.

Preservation-related Tools

This subpage lists some various preservation-related programming tools that we may want to utilize for IDEALS. Feel free to add references to interesting tools that could be useful!

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