Getting Started with IDEALS (for individuals)

UIUC faculty, staff, and graduate students may deposit their work directly into the UIUC Research and Scholarship (Open Collection) collection. This collection is for those faculty, staff, and students whose own academic units have not yet set up their own IDEALS community and collection (for example, the European Union Center).

If you would rather have your academic unit or group set up its own community, please contact IDEALS staff via email at ideals-gen@illinois[PLEASENOSPAM].edu or phone at 217-333-4648.

10 simple steps to make your research available in IDEALS

Step 1 - Ensuring Deposit Meets IDEALS Collection Policy

Make sure that the item to be deposited is a finished, complete work of research or scholarship OR that it is data that supports your research or scholarship. If the work has been published, review the IDEALS Intellectual Property and Copyright policy and your publisher's policy on archiving in an institutional repository. Make sure that your item meets the general submission guidelines.

Examples of items IDEALS accepts:

  • Working papers, discussion papers, technical reports
  • Published articles (where copyright allows)or preprints
  • Conference papers, presentations, and posters (where copyright allows)
  • Publications from academic units where there is a substantive scholarship portion
  • Video and audio of special lectures and speeches

We are not currently accepting course related material (syllabi, notes, class papers, etc) except as noted in our Collection Policy.

If you have questions about whether content is appropriate or on copyright issues, please contact IDEALS staff via email at ideals-gen@illinois[PLEASENOSPAM].edu or phone at 217-333-4648.

Step 2 - Review Guidelines for Preparation of Deposited Materials

Review the recommendations for deposited materials for guidelines on what information to include on the document itself (for example, if published, the formal citation) as well as any format- and media-specific guidelines.

Steps 3 through 10 - Deposit Your Item in 10 Minutes or Less!

Step 3 - Log in to IDEALS at using your netID and password.

Step 4 - Click the Submit a New Item link in the left navigation bar (under My Account). This will start the deposit process.

Step 5 - You will first need to select a collection. Unless you belong to an already established community, your only option will be the UIUC Research and Scholarship (Open Collection). Select that community and click "Next".

Step 6 - Read the deposit agreement and click "I Grant the License" if you agree to the terms of the agreement. You must approve the agreement before you can deposit your item.

Step 7 - Decide whether you need to restrict access to your item. In the vast majority of cases you will not need to restrict access. If you do, you will need to provide a reason why access restriction is necessary. Click "Next" to move to the next screen.

Step 8 - Provide the necessary descriptive information for the item. The required fields are:

  • title;
  • type of resource;
  • year of publication or distribution; and
  • one subject keyword.

Step 9 - Upload your file that you wish to deposit. If you have a multi-file item (like a web page with images or a web site with several html pages), you will need to upload those one at a time. Click "Upload File".

Step 10 - Verify that your deposit is complete and correct. You can correct the descriptive information you have provided. If complete and correct, click "Finish".

You're done! Your submission will be reviewed by IDEALS staff for fit with the Collection Policy, metadata completion, successful deposit of file, etc. Once reviewed and accepted, you will be notified of its availability in the UIUC Research and Scholarship (Open Collection) collection. If there are any problems with the deposit, an IDEALS staff member will contact you by email.

Contact Information

For general information, contact IDEALS at ideals-gen@illinois[PLEASENOSPAM].edu or call 217-333-4648.

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